Please print the application below. Dues is $25 per household made out to Colorado Mycological Society
Mail your completed application to:

Colorado Mycological Society
P.O. Box 9621
Denver, CO 80209

Name(s) _______________________________________________Phone__________________________________

Emai l(one per houehold)______________________________________________________________________________

                   (Street)                                                                                                                        (City, State, Zip)                 

_____Enclosed is my dues or renewal check for $25 for receiving the newsletter by email

_____To help CMS even more, I’ve added a contribution of $_____  to my dues check


INTERESTS - information about your interests will help us choose the programs for our monthly meetings

___Identifying a wide variety of mushrooms; ___Collecting edible mushrooms; ___Scientific interests (any particular species?__________________________); ___Cooking with mushrooms; ___Mushroom crafts; ___Mushroom photography; ___Dyeing/papermaking with mushrooms; ___Mushroom cultivation; ___Medicinal uses of mushrooms; ___Use of fungi in reforestation, in industry, etc.; ___Fungi in Colorado; ___Fungi around the US, the world

VOLUNTEERING – most things listed below can be done without specialized knowledge of mushrooms, so they’re a great way for beginners to get involved in the club and for old hands to help newbies get involved. 

___Hospitality at meetings – welcome new members, assist with nametags, help collect new membership applications.  Leader:  CMS Membership Chair
___Write for the newsletter – search for material from other societies’ newsletters, review a book, search and write about a topic that interests you.  Leader:  CMS Newsletter Editor
___Create original art for the newsletter – provide illustrations, cartoons, photographs of mushrooms.  Leader:  CMS Newsletter Editor
___Edit the newsletter – this position is currently filled, but if you’d ever be interested in doing it, let us know.  CMS currently produces the newsletter using PageMaker software. 
___Lead a foray – search out an appropriate venue in advance, talk about the mushrooms and their habitat, answer members’ questions.  Leader:  CMS Foray Chair
___Assist with a foray – help collecting signatures on the Release form from everyone attending, help collect fees from participants who are not CMS members, help organize carpooling.  (Leader:  CMS Foray Chair
___Help with the Mushroom Fair – many kinds of help are needed for the Fair:  publicity, signage, setting up the tables, “sorting” (placing mushrooms that have been identified on the right table), collecting new memberships, helping sell t-shirts or books, monitoring a display table, etc.  Leader:  CMS Fair Chair
___Memberships – this position is currently filled, but if you’d ever be interested in doing it, let us know.  Our membership database uses Microsoft Access.  The work involves collecting and depositing dues checks, sending out membership cards and packets of information to new members, and producing a few reports, such as the Roster for the May issue of the newsletter, from the database.
___Webmaster - this position is currently filled, but if you are really interested and use Dreamweaver software, the current webmaster will retire. It involves updating meeting and foray information in a timely manner, and adding any relevant information to the site. Suggestions for the site are also welcome.
___Bring refreshments to a meeting – purchase cookies and soft drinks and bring them to a meeting.   Leader:  CMS Membership Chair
___Organize potluck or restaurant dinners – These would be informal events for small groups, either meeting at someone’s home or at a local restaurant.
___Serve on the Program Committee – Create interesting programs, contact potential speakers, assist speakers as needed (rides from the airport, for example).   Leader:  CMS Program Chair