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For questions regarding membership in the Colorado Mycological Society contact Lynne Price, CMS Membership Chairperson, at 303-670-0840 or Membership.

CMS Newsletter (SPORES Afield)
To submit an article or notice to the CMS newsletter, SPORES Afield, or for newsletter inquiries contact Virginia Till, editor, by e-mail .

Questions regarding CMS forays should be directed to Ellen Jacobson   Email .

Mushroom Poisonings
If you are looking for information or a contact regarding mushroom poisonings, visit the CMS Poisonings web page.

CMS Forum
If you would like to communicate about a specific topic with others interested in mushrooms, visit the CMS Forum or discussion group. To post messages you must complete the simple registration process. Besides the discussion threads you will find photos posted by subscribers to the discussion group and information files.

Other Inquiries
All other inquiries should be sent to the Colorado Mycological Society at the following address:

Colorado Mycological Society
P.O. Box 9621
Denver, CO 80209