The Colorado Mycological Society is a non-profit organization established in 1967 to
advance the understanding of, and to stimulate interest in, the field of mycology.

Flowers and Fungi in Colorado’s Ecosystems

Presented by: Loraine Yeatts and Vera Evenson

Meeting at: Denver Botanic Gardens (NOTE: we are in a new location at DBG. Please see below for details) on June 8, 2015. The doors open at 7:00pm and the program will begin at 7:30pm

The June CMS meeting will feature a beautiful blend of some of the most charismatic and biologically significant “Flowers and Fungi” in Colorado’s Varied Ecosystems. Well-known local Denver botanist, Loraine Yeatts, will present her glorious photographs taken during her decades-long study of our varied habitats from the prairies to the alpine regions of the southern Rockies. As beautiful as wild flowers, mushrooms typical of those ecosystems will be blended into the presentation by Vera Evenson, curator of the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi at Denver Botanic Gardens. Both scientists will emphasize the essential roles that plants and fungi play in their habitats...and the interactions between plants and fungi will be emphasized.

Loraine is an Adjunct Researcher at the Kathryn Kalmbach Vascular Plant Herbarium at Denver Botanic Gardens. Her decades-long volunteer service, experience as a field botanist, amazing photography, and thousands of specimen donations to the collection are greatly appreciated in the Research and Conservation Department at the Gardens.

We are meeting in the Gates Hall at Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street. Gates Hall is inside the Main building.

Next foray:

June 27 – Steve Ring. Asian Markets. Full Schedule

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First Prize - Frederick Fisher
Unknown puffball
  First Prize - Mike Godfrey

First Prize - Justin Robertson

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Second Prize - Karen Ryan
Chlorophyllum rachodes
  Second Prize - Mike Godfrey
  Second Prize - Frederick Fisher
Amanita muscaria
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Third Prize - Karen Ryan
Chlorophyllum rachodes
  Third Prize - Frederick Fisher
Sarcodon imbricatus
  Third Prize - Mike Godfrey
Market Stall
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CMS Meetings:

  • Meetings are held on the second Monday night of each month, from March through October, at 7:30 PM. The doors open at 7:00. This year we are back at the Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street (Map). The meetings are in Mitchell Hall. There is no charge to get into the Botanic Gardens in the evening to attend a CMS meeting.

  • CMS meetings provide an informal opportunity to socialize and exchange information with others interested in mycology.

  • Each meeting features a lecture and/or slide presentation on mycology or a related subject.

  • Speakers include nationally known mycologists, outside specialists and knowledgeable members

  • Visitors & members are encouraged to bring the mushrooms they find to the meetings.

  • Knowledgeable members will be happy to help you identify the mushrooms you have found.

A Call for Volunteers for CMS — The Colorado Mycological Society depends on volunteers from the membership to deliver its services to the general membership. Many, if not most, of the volunteer positions do not require extensive knowledge of mycology. What they do require is enthusiasm and a willingness to devote a few hours each month to the position.

Although most of the committees currently have chairpersons assigned to them, there are still a few that require a chairperson. If you would like to volunteer for one of these "open" committee positions, contact Karen Ryan by phone at 303-355-5966 or by email).

If you would like to serve on a committee that is currently chaired or obtain more information about the activities of the committee, contact the chairperson directly.