Become a Member of the Colorado Mycological Society

Amanita pantherina

The Colorado Mycological Society welcomes new members whether they are experienced mycologists, amateur pot hunters, or beginners who want to know more about mushrooms and how to find them.

Benefits of membership

  • Monthly meetings with guest lecturers
  • Subscription to SPORES Afield, the informative newsletter of the Colorado Mycological Society
  • Periodic forays or field trips led by experienced mycologists
  • Annual mushroom fair
  • Periodic classes in mushroom identification

How to join Colorado Mycological Society

  • Fill out the online CMS Membership Application form, print it out and send to:
    Colorado Mycological Society
    P.O. Box 9621
    Denver, CO 80209
  • Pay the $25 membership fee either:
    • via the PayPal button below
    • or by making a check payable to "Colorado Mycological Society" and mailing to the address above.