2015 Foray Schedule

See this page for information about going on forays.

Check here shortly before each foray for meeting information and changes.

Foray List For 2015

All forays meet a 9 AM unless noted. The directions to the meeting places are below. The exact destination of the forays will not be announced until the meeting place.

Please remember these are tentative. There will be at least one - two more in August. For last minute changes, check Facebook.

  • May 30 Bill Windsor. Morel foray west of Boulder. Meet at Safeway in Boulder 10 am.
  • June 27 Steve Reidner. Asian Markets. Meet at Ocean Pacific Market at Alameda & Zuni 10 am.
  • July 18 Ellen Jacobson. Meet at Stegosaurus Lot at I-70/Morrison exit 9 am.
  • July 25 Linda deLeon. Stegosaurus Lot 9 am.
  • July 26 Jason Salzman. City Park, Gazebo 10 am.
  • July 31 Greg Sanchez. Stegosaurus Lot 9 am.
  • August 1 Linnea Gilman. Stegosaurus Lot 9 am.
  • August 9 Karen Ryan. Cheesman Park 9 am.
  • August 14 Ellen Jacobson. Stegosaurus Lot 9 am.
  • September 6 Jason Salzman. City Park, Gazebo 10 am.

Reminder - Forays are free for members. Nonmembers can attend for $10.00. CMS dues is $25/year/household
Denver meeting place is the southeast parking lot (Stegosaurus) at Exit 259 (I–70/Morrison)
Boulder meeting place is the northeast corner of the Safeway parking lot, which is on the southwest corner of Arapahoe and 28th.