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Foray | August 10, 2018

august, 2018

10aug9:00 amSold Out!Foray | August 10, 2018Friday Morning Foray!


Event Details

Foray | August 10, 2018
Leader | Ellen Jacobson
Time: 9:00 AM
Location:  Stegosaurus Lot 
Limit: 20 Members

Ellen Jacobson will be leading a foray August 10th, 2018!  The meeting location before departure will be at the Stegosaurus Lot just outside of Golden off if I-70. Review the included Google map for directions. Please read our information about Forays, what to bring, and come prepared.
Please remember now you must always register online to attend Forays.
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(Friday) 9:00 am


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Ellen Jacobson

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Comments (4)

  1. suzwhitead 4 months ago

    I need to cancel this event. I am having a problem with my leg. Suzie W

    • GeneJN 4 months ago

      Thank you for letting us know. You should receive a reply canceling your ticket for the foray.

  2. 4 months ago

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but I was wondering if dogs are allowed?

    • Author
      J R 4 months ago


      So I apologize for responding to this soo late. But it set off quite an email chain discussion within the board, which is still more or less ongoing . =] Great question! It’s not something we have been early able to answer.

      As of today there is no rule on the books for dogs on forays. But many of the society’s long time leaders feel the focus of forays should be about mushrooms and only mushrooms. The thing is, as many of us are dog lovers and dog owners, we do bring our own dogs on personal forays frequently! Though in that instance, we know our own dogs temperament and know the location rules. As a large group, making sure all member dogs are properly trained, leashed, watered etc. and will not distract from the experience of others on the foray is difficult to manage. Location rules & regulations also differ depending on the location of forays and are sometimes released last minute. Some location are in city parks, some my be in wilderness areas or a state or national parks. This becomes really problematic when stating a catch all policy for dogs on forays, excuse the pun.

      I know, take a deep breath, unfortunately we have to think that deeply about this. But we will try to make acceptable policy for everyone and all situation!

      So here is what I would say as of now for dogs at forays & expect an official policy on the books later this year:

      Unless otherwise stated, dogs are not allowed at forays.

      Maybe we’ll have a doggie foray sometime in the future, I think that would be pretty awesome actually, maybe some city park forays could easily have doge. But unless otherwise stated, for all other forays we want to be fun, but focus on mushrooms, no dogs allowed .

      Any others have thoughts on this?

      Thanks Tyrel for the great question, hopefully although convoluted, that answer is somewhat satisfactory… stay tuned for an official policy and let us know your thoughts, we weill definitely take those into consideration.



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