Sidnee Obersingleton: Dying with mushrooms & lichens

When July 28, 2024     7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Add To Calendar Download ICS Google Calendar iCalendar Office 365 Outlook Live Where St Joseph’s Hospital Russell Pavilion Rainer Auditorium 1375 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO, 80218 Event Type Meeting Map Unavailable Special presentation on Sunday July 28th at 7:00  – 9:00 PM Sidnee grew up in the PNW, and always had an interest in fungi, it didn’t develop into a mycological one until his first year at Lane Community College, where he participated in an undergraduate research program on myco-remediation. After that sucked him in, he dove headfirst into mycology, continuing research and education at LCC, and eventually getting a position studying fungus-growing ants at the University of Oregon. He’s spent about 7 years undertaking ongoing research and teaching, in both a professional and amateur fashion on a wide range of subjects within the field. He has a special interest in fungal genetics and mating, Morel ecology, fluorescence microscopy, and applied biotechnology to the ends of cultivation, myco-remediation, cellulosics, and use for their diverse metabolites, which includes dyeing! He really loves finding new uses for fungi that no one has thought of before. Learn about the wide range of colors that fungi can offer, both to the naked eye, and under ultraviolet! Fungi are chemically diverse organisms, with mushrooms and lichen offering every color of the rainbow. We’ll cover the basic process of mushroom and lichen dyeing, accessible to a beginner, and go more into the large world of unexplored colors and applications in the realm, ripe for experimentation. St Joseph’s Hospital Complex.  Russell Pavilion, 2nd Floor, Rainier Auditorium.  Free parking in main hospital parking garage.  Walk through hospital entrance, down the long corridor to the right to Russell Pavilion, up the stairs to the left to Rainer Auditorium. This event will not be streamed Related

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