Mushroom Poisoning

Mushroom Poisoning

What Do I Do?

In the event of a suspected mushroom poisoning incident contact one of the following:

  • Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center


  • Universal Poison Center


**Your call will be routed to the appropriate Poison Center for the area code from which your call is made.

Other actions to take:

  • Save all available sample mushrooms. Do not wash or trim. Place in waxed paper or a brown paper bag and refrigerate. Intentional or accidental mixed ingestions often occur so all specimens are needed.
  • If possible, take a digital photograph of the type of mushroom consumed that can be emailed to the mushroom consultant.
  • Save all leftovers of the food dish that was consumed by the victim to assist in identifying the offending mushroom.
  • After contacting the Poison Center, you will be advised whether or not to take the victim to the nearest medical facility. If so advised, take along a sample of the mushroom consumed or a sample of the food dish consumed.