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Annual Cook and Taste, Monday, September 10



Monday, September 10 / Gates Hall

7:00 pm – Monthly meeting.

Please have your wonderful dishes at Gates Hall as close to p.m. as possible, it not slightly before.

Dining will begin promptly at 7:15pm

Presented by: CMS Members

Members are encouraged to bring a mushroom dish to share with other members. Only the following mushroom species may be used:

Boletus barrowsii, Boletus edulis, Cantharellus cibarius, Commercial mushrooms from a grocery, Coprinus comatus, Dentinum repandum, Flammulina velutipes, Hydnum imbricatum, Lactarius deliciosus, Marasmius oreades, Matsutake – Tricholoma magnivelare or Tricholoma caligatum, Morchella angusticeps

Pleurotus ostreatus

All the dishes brought to the Cook & Taste must follow these rules:

   All mushrooms must be well cooked. Raw

mushrooms will not be allowed in any dish.

   Use only one species of mushroom in each dish.

   A written recipe prominently showing the

species of mushroom in the dish and the cook’s name MUST accompany each dish.

   Leccinum species are not allowed.

If you have a supply of a good, common edible species of mushroom, but it isn’t on the list above, call Marilyn Shaw at 303-377-1278. All exceptions must be approved in advance of the Cook & Taste.

Those who have no time to cook or cannot cook may bring drinks, desserts, salads, or bread (prepared food from the grocery is fine.)

Please join us!

Please note that parking will be difficult do to another event at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Cook and Taste flier 2018

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