Ballot for 2020 Board of Directors

September 15, 2018 The CMS Nominating Committee (Linda deLeon, Greg Sanchez, and Shruti Chowdhary) propose the following slate of candidates for CMS officers and other members of the Board of Directors.   A full description of the election of officers is available at   INSTRUCTIONS: To vote, please reply to this email address. You may indicate that you Vote to approve the entire slate Vote to approve the following directors: [list their names] Your vote must be received no later than noon on October 14, 2019! Results of the election will be announced at the regular monthly meeting on October 14th, to be held from 7pm – 9pm in Gates Hall at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Lichenologist Carly Andersen-Stewart will be the presenter at the meeting (presentation begins at 7:30pm).   Proposed Slate of Candidates for 2020 CMS Board (their terms begin at the October 2019 meeting) President-Elect: Jon Sommer Vice President: Elizabeth Vonne Secretary: Trina Wilson Treasurer: Elena Balandina Member-elected Board Member 1: Bryce Scriver Member-elected Board Member 2: Shruti Chowdhary   NOTE:  Other members of the Board will include Andy Wilson, formerly President-elect and 2020 President; also David Nazeri will become Past President and Linda deLeon will become Past-Past President.  Also, the new President may appoint and the new Board confirm another person to be the Board-elected Board Member specified in our Bylaws. Share this:FacebookX Related

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