May 18, 2019 Foray Report

May 18, 2019 CMS Foray

Foray Leader: Gene Nandrea
Foray Assistants: Linda Plessinger, David Nazeri
Location: Beaver Reservoir, Boulder County, Colorado

Conditions: Sunny, partly overcast with very light snow showers throughout the day, some wind with temperatures varying from approximately 40-60 degrees. The road was clear. There were snow drifts covering approximately 50% of the foray area. The drifts varied from several inches to four feet.

The foray was well attended with 52 members! David Nazeri identified most of the mushrooms found. Several were identified by Linda Plessinger and Gene Nandrea.

Mushrooms found:

Clitocybe albirhiza p. 193 (*”THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO ROCKY MOUNTAIN MUSHROOMS BY HABITAT”, C. Cripps, Vera Evenson, M. Kuo”);
Neohygrophorus angelesius p. 199*;
Hygrophorus marzuolus p. 195*;
HeteroBasidion Annosum *

Discina perlata (Pig’s Ear) p. 37 (** “MUSHROOMS OF COLORADO AND THE SOUTHERN ROCKY MOUNTAINS” Vera Evenston”);
Guepintopsis alpinus (Yellow Jelly) p. 198**;
Fomitopsis pinicola (Polypore) p. 175**;
Lyophyllum montanum p. 95 **;
Caloscypha fulgens p. 48 **;
Microstoma protracta p. 50**;

Clitocybe glacialis p. 127 (*** MUSHROOMS OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION, Vera Evenson);
Hemitrichia Clavata;