Mushroom Of The Month – Tricholoma magnivelare

Tricholoma magnivelare

Order: Agaricales
Family Tricholomataceae
Genus: Tricholoma
Common Name: Matsutake meaning Pine Mushroom

Prized by the Japanese and Chinese for its distinct spicy – aromatic aroma. Matsutake are found hiding under the du on the forest oor. Forming symbiotic ties with the roots of a small number of tree species, Colorado Matsutake are found around Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine.

Try marinating matsutakes for 10 minutes in soy sauce, dry sherry or sugar, and good-quality bland oil. en roast them on a grill until golden brown and serve alongside a main course. Matsutakes will do wonders for chicken broth and stir-fried dishes. Cut both stem and cap in small pieces, as this mushroom is rm and chewy. It has a magni cent penetrating unique avor.

Slice or dice for freezing. Our Japanese friends wrap whole mushrooms in aluminum foil, then place them carefully in plastic bags prior to freezing. e avor of matsutakes su ers when subjected to drying, although they may still add interest to culinary dishes not like anything else: spicy, but not peppery.