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October 2016 | Letter From The President

October 2016 | Letter From The President
October 1, 2016 Society Lead

A message from our President:

It has been a privilege to serve as President of CMS this year. As members we all enjoy what our society o ers. is includes outstanding lectures; expert consultation to help us nd and identify mushrooms; and a great Fair in August. e Fair was an enormous success with record attendance. All of the things listed above happened only because VOLUNTEERS STEPPED FORWARD TO HELP.

When we began the 2016 season, four people agreed to become new members of our Board of Directors; another agreed to organize our forays; and yet another took over publication of the newsletter. For 2017 we need three members willing to do the same thing.

It is your organization & we need your participation. You needn’t be an expert mushroomer or an experienced leader. You need to be someone who is willing to spend a couple of hours each month so we can continue to serve the mushrooming community. PLEASE STEP FORWARD!

Let’s hope 2017 is our best year yet.

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