CMS ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST Details about the upcoming CMS Photo Contest, judging for which will take place at the September meeting! Email your entries to: You must be a member of CMS to enter the contest, and all entries must clearly be related to mycology in some way. There are three categories, and entrants are limited to three entries in each category: Artistic photographs will be judged based on their artistic merit. That means that focus is not critical, and you may manipulate the image as you see fit. Colors need not be realistic. Documentary photographs will be judged based on their accurate depiction of a collection or feature of some mushrooms. Focus is important, and lighting and colors need to accurately reflect the collection. Obvious manipulation of an image is not desirable in the category. Anything Goes photographs have no criteria for judging other than what each judge chooses. Entries must have been emailed by midnight on August 31. Judging will be the same as last year. That is to say, members attending the September meeting will be judges, based on their ability to get to an Internet survey website using the wireless Internet connection provided by the Denver Botanic Gardens. Smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers are recommended ways of making that connection. If you’d like to be a judge, arrange to have one of those things with you at the September meeting. Even if you have entries in the contest you may vote. Good luck! Share this:FacebookX Related

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