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March 2020 President’s Letter

March 2020 President’s Letter
March 5, 2020 Andrew Wilson

Dear members,


Welcome to a new year of mushrooms and mycology with the Colorado Mycological Society.  We’re proud to introduce a new and exciting group of speakers this year. The speakers cover and array of topics starting with Dr. Nichole Garneau’s who will be presenting on the science of flavor and how fungi and mushrooms trigger all the right parts of our brains. Following Dr. Garneau will be a variety of topics that tantilize the mind, everything from mushrooms that glow in the dark, to “trippy” mushrooms, to mushroom mind control. Woooooaaah!


We will also have several book authors. We’re excited to have Dr. Cathy Cripps, one of North America’s preeminent experts on Rocky Mountain mushrooms, as our Fair Identifier this year. She along with our own Vera Evenson and Michael Quo wrote The Essential Guide to Rocky Mountain Mushrooms by Habitat. Also, we have the author of Mycophilia and Microbia, Eugenia Bone this year to talk about Magic Mushrooms and their social impacts. She will also be providing a Denver Botanic Gardens’ sponsored seminar/workshop. Monitor the CMS website and Facebook for upcoming information on this and other CMS related activities.


This being said you should also be aware of the benefits of your CMS membership. This year we are going to have an ambitious Foray schedule. Many of these forays will be members only. We will keep you appraised of all additional benefits to your membership.


Anyway, our first Society Meeting is THIS MONDAY, March 9th, with Kickoff Speaker Dr. Nichole Garneau. I hope you are excited for this first meeting and to get the 2020 Colorado mycology season started.


I look forward to seeing you at the next or future society meeting.



Andrew Wilson

CMS President

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