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We are always trying to collect as much data media and information about mushrooms was we can. Your submissions are vital to us promoting mushrooms can creating great content. Please submit to the club! We will gladly post, attribute and curate your media on our site to your liking.

Anybody, anywhere can submit to CMS.

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Included Information
We want as much info as you can provide please!.

For Photos – please include your name or author, mushroom species info, any location info, any discretion info, personalized info and anything else you would like to included to enhance the photos metadata.
For Recipes Include – Recipe Name, Image of Dish, ingredients list
Poetry – Name of poem  1 image or photo, optional commentary
Artwork – Piece Name, Date, Optional Description/commentary
Posts – Post  Name, Date, Optional Description/commentary
Suggested Event – Event name, date, price and link to ticket website

Email Subject Line:

Your Email Will be filtered & forwarded to different leaders. If you would, please email us your submission and include following labels in your email subject line to activate our filters.

Photos – Your Name – optional Photo Title
Recipes – Your Name – optional Recipe Title
Poetry – Your Name – optional Poem Title
Articles –  Your Name – optional Post Title
Events –  Your Name – optional Event Title


here is a rough sample of what you might submit.

Subject Line:Photo – Samuel Smith

Author:Species: Simocybe-rubi
Location: Growing on mats in Big Sur California
Details: On our trip to california 2003
Attached Photo:


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Batch & Album Uploads

A you a serious photographer? Or maybe an amateur mushroom expert? We want your photos, full attribution & backlinks.
I mean, we will just give you a folder on our cloud drive to upload, just inquire here!