What To Bring On Forays

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The Creative Side of Mushrooms

Topic for the April Meeting: “The Creative Side of Mushrooms” CMS member Karen Ryan will be talking about “The Creative Side of Mushrooms” A slide show will chronicle the history of dyeing with mushrooms, and the dyeing properties of certain fungi. As well as the history, Karen will be demonstrat- ing the art of paper making with fungi from start to finish. Karen has been making paper for a number of years, but it was only after becoming a member of CMS 4 years ago that she discov- ered another value of the mushrooms she so loves to hunt and eat. CMS has given her an outlet to share the creative side of mushrooms at the annual CMS Mushroom Fair. askdjhasjkdh

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Chanterelles & Shipping

By Ellen Jacobson My Lake Tahoe brother, Jim, called me a few weeks ago and said he had just received a very large box of

Thirty plus Years of Mushroom Poisoning

A Summary of the Approximately 2,000 Reports in the NAMA Case Registry By Michael W. Beug, Marilyn Shaw, and Kenneth W. Cochran Dr.. Trestrail compares numbers of

Colorado Mycological Society

2006: A Banner Year for Rocky Mountain Mushrooms

By Debbie Viess Reprinted with permission from “Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming”, Winter 2007, pp. 17-19. Ms. Viessʼ essay originally appeared Aug. 26-29, 2006, on the BAMS

Cleansing Agent? Try Mushrooms

From: Center of Faculty Development, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, Downtown Denver Newsletter: Latitude Winter 2006 If Marc Donskyʼs research findings


By Vera Evenson, Curator RosaLee Brace, Volunteer Some suggestions for collecting mushrooms for further study and identification from the Herbarium of Fungi at the Denver

Morel Marauding Motorcyclist’s

By William Windsor There were three of them. They wore leather and ballistic nylon garments reinforced with strategically placed body armor. Mounting their motorcycles they

Buena Vista King Boletus Festival

By Ellen Jacobson The Buena Vista King Boletus Festival was started 12 years ago by a local resident, Jim Sanford, who never took “no” for

Fancy fungus fetches $160,406

From Rocky Mountain News, 11-15-06, by-line Associated Press. HONG KONG — A Hong Kong property tycoon and his wife reportedly paid $160,406 for a huge Italian white